Style is Costume

All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players – Jacques, As You Like It

I was a late-bloomer in style, but even as a child I loved playing “dress-up.” If I was to work in fashion I would work in the film costume industry. A character has a core essence that makes them unique and the designer must capture that essence in a few outfits seen on screen that we are supposed to be believe, for the sake of the film, that character chose those clothes.  This of course is a suspension of disbelief, but a more fundamental suspension than computer generated effects, as a mis-dressed character is a ruder jolt than a pixelated barbarian horde.

My style is influenced primarily by film and TV show characters. As dressing for my figure has been my greatest challenge I usually start with a character with a figure similar to mine. I single out winning outfits from movies and seek out similar pieces, maybe not to recreate the entire outfit, but with knowledge that it would look great on me.

You’re supposed to be the leading lady of your own life, for God’s sake! – Iris Simpkins, The Holiday

That quote is a little out of context, but still relevant. In the same way real people are characters too; we each have a core essence that makes us unique that we feel our clothes reflect, and we really do choose our outfits everyday. Unless we all make our own clothes, no one is unique in style. Every day I choose a different costume, a different character to play, and as we mature those characters become fewer and more deeply developed. We are each characters in our own lives.

You should seek your own style. I rarely read fashion blogs because they’re just that… fashion. The herd mentality. I know all of two fashion blogs. Style blogs are more my taste, especially vintage. In one way I allow characters to influence my style, but I chose those characters because they reflect something of myself. It’s cyclical. I very rarely use celebrities as style muses. It is here that the discussion can turn to the deterioration of style but that is for another day.

Do what’s good for you, or you’re not good for anybody. – Billy Joel, “James”

Often fashion websites warn against “looking costumey.” This is of course after they have removed one cool vintage piece from the style context that made it cool. Cast that illogic aside: we all play costume. If you want to wear an outfit straight out of 1974 or 1958 with every piece either reproduction or vintage, then go for it. Why should the pinheaded sheep who wrote three sentences in a slideshow or a magazine care? Why do you care if he/she cares? Heaven forbid wearing vintage 80s jeans with a big slouchy 80s-repro sweater crosses the line between homage and costume. If you like wearing it, then wear it.