My evolving (fancy) Renaissance Faire outfit

I love the Renaissance Pleasure Faire in Irwindale! I am a rather new attendee, though, as this year will be only my third (in a row). Two years ago, I attended in simply a t-shirt and jeans as I did not realize that one of the key aspects of the whole event is costume play… I felt slightly out of place (in a very good way) and admiring all of the beautiful costumes, I thought it would be cool to join in the fun. But maybe the next year!

Until I ran across the big booth for Hearts Delight Clothiers, a booth manned by a group of hard-working ladies in RenFaire garb. The wonderful selection of colours and corsets drew me in and I soon was trying on a corset of my own 🙂

That day, I bought an underbust corset, a green cotton dress, and a cream cotton point skirt. I was already wearing my black velvet choker (may it rest in peace). This was how the whole ensemble came together:

My first RenFaire outfit!

My first RenFaire outfit!

I was really happy with it! I bought the flower headband from a seller that day. I loved the corset and it is still one of the most beautiful items in my closet. There are two ways to assemble one of these outfits: around the dress’ colour, or the corset’s colour. I chose the corset first and went from there. However, I felt that in retrospect, the point skirt did not mesh well with the fancy corset. So, a few weeks later I wore it the annual Scottish Games in Costa Mesa, without the point skirt….


RenFaire outfit, without the skirt…

I think it looked better! The boots I got at DSW on clearance inbetween the Faire and the Scottish Games. This day I also picked up handmade leather pouch (pictured) and a few pieces of jewellery: a brass pendant of Mjolnir (Thor’s Hammer) and a gold-plated “slave chain” with the “Tree of Life”/Yggdrasil, which was a nice touch. Neither of those are in this picture….

But I still wanted another piece: a cape 🙂 Come ’round to last year’s Faire, I stopped by the booth again and discovered a sidebooth that sold coats, capes, and hats. I was in luck! So I found this positively beautiful black lace hooded cape, along with a wine-coloured crop top that fits under the corset for a nice colour contrast.


My 2016 RenFaire outfit.

This time, I wore the slave chain but not the necklace! So this is the current state of my “fancy” RenFaire outfit. I also have a Peruvian-made white peasant blouse that is not flattering but should work with a corset and skirt. I looked around last year for a corset but no dice, so I will look again this year. I am tempted to change up either the corset (maybe an overbust?) or the dress, but not sure…