Rey Updates (miracles happen!)

Updates from the costuming front: 1) I have located some suitable cotton gauze, 2) I got hold of some drapey pants and 3) I acquired a great shirt for Rey. More details below.

First, the gauze. So some weeks ago I was poking around online for natural cotton gauze and was on Amazon, which is the last place I would think to look for bulk fabrics. I located this fabric: Cotton Gauze Tan Cream Natural Fabric by the Yard, and I was encouraged by the look and price but sold when I read reviews stating that it was good fabric for a Rey costume (!!!). So, I bought 5 yards (based on guides I saw online)! It is a bit light and warm in colour for my purposes, and will need to be dyed slightly. I may actually have enough to make both her SA wrap dress and the shawl top from her concept art. We’ll see!

I picked up some drapey pants from Old Navy which I think will work fine!

Third, after looking in thrift stores and other places for a suitable shirt, I stumbled upon an Eddie Bauer shirt on Amazon in the right-ish colour and has a split neck. It also is long enough and has the right fit I am after (I am bustier than Daisy). I got a large and as a typical size 8, it fit perfectly. I ordered two so that I can add sleeves in a matching fabric. I’m very excited!

On the topic of Rey and Poe, I love their new costumes for The Last Jedi and am tempted to attempt those as the hubby and I are both winters and these warm and desert tones really wash us out! 😛 Also, a few of Rey’s things overlap enough that I wouldn’t need to remake them.

Life update: defended thesis; got married; settling into new place. Currently fighting a nasty cold. realizing I don’t have much time to get our costumes together!


Star Wars TFA Rey planning stages

So for this year I will be jumping on the Rey bandwagon 😛 I wanted to make a Rey costume last year but didn’t have the time to make mine or Nathan’s costumes. This year is different! (I am committed as I bought the boots…. no backing out now!)

Rey from Star Wars: concept vs film

Rey from Star Wars: concept vs film

Rey’s outfit looks simple but is actually complicated and hard to get right. So many of her pieces are very distinctive! I am still contemplating actually going with the concept art verison of Rey because that’s a very different look that I like a lot. Though, in actuality the shirt, pants, and boots are basically the same the only change would be the wrap…

For the wrap dress, the official fabric is probably crinkle viscose. While this would probably look the best I don’t know where Rey would have gotten crinkle viscose on Jakku! XD I also prefer working with natural fabrics and so I will probably go with heavy cotton gauze for her wrap dress. I’ll be looking at fabrics soon.

The other question is colour: is her outfit more grey or more brown? I say that as she lives on a sandy world, her outfit would blend with the sands and so it should be warm toned instead of grey.

A few days I actually ordered the wooly Po-Zu boots! I debated back and forth buying them. They are super cute boots, and I do wear boots a lot in winter/fall so I will get use out of them. They are also distinctive. I contemplated DIY-ing a pair of thrift store Uggs but mousy brown wool blankets and lightly-used Uggs in the right design are a little hard to come by… used Uggs are nasty.

It was also compromise with Nathan. The boots for Poe are ridiculously more expensive, but he doesn’t ever wear boots outside of costuming and Poe’s are not as distinctive as Rey’s. That is not to say that mid-calf slip-on men’s boots are easy to find! They aren’t…. though motorcycle boots aren’t my first choice, I’ll probably just pick up a pair of used motorcycle boots and remove the ankle buckle. *shrug* Otherwise, I could afford only one pair from Po-Zu and it also gives me a chance to get brown boots for a potential Cassian Andor costume 😛

Unless a miracle happens, I will need to make my own shirt by making a custom pattern based on an existing shirt. I can’t find the right colour, fabric, and fit in stores. I will probably need to make the Poe shirt along with a Han Solo Ep 4 and Han Solo Ep5/Cassian Andor shirt because the shirts they wore long, long ago (or in the 1970s) just aren’t found in stores, hah. Let it be written here that I have never made a shirt and have never used a sewing machine… O_O

I don’t quite yet know what I will do about her staff but keeping my eyes, ears, and options open.

Capable: Goggles

[Capable Master Post]

Capable wears old-fashioned aviator goggles to keep her glorious red locks out of her face (being the practical woman that is she is). It might be her signature piece. On screen she wears the clear-lens version of these French aviator goggles. 79 euros was way out of my price range, and I figured I could find a less expensive but still fairly accurate version somewhere else. So! I started looking…

On eBay, many costumey things that are not steampunk are marked as steampunk, which lead me to create this meme…


I ultimately decided on a pair of goggles very similar to Capable’s…

The goggles I chose for my costume.

The goggles I chose for my costume.

They work well! These were under $20 and I liked the padding. They may be oversized but the colour and overall aesthetic is more important…

My evolving (fancy) Renaissance Faire outfit

I love the Renaissance Pleasure Faire in Irwindale! I am a rather new attendee, though, as this year will be only my third (in a row). Two years ago, I attended in simply a t-shirt and jeans as I did not realize that one of the key aspects of the whole event is costume play… I felt slightly out of place (in a very good way) and admiring all of the beautiful costumes, I thought it would be cool to join in the fun. But maybe the next year!

Until I ran across the big booth for Hearts Delight Clothiers, a booth manned by a group of hard-working ladies in RenFaire garb. The wonderful selection of colours and corsets drew me in and I soon was trying on a corset of my own 🙂

That day, I bought an underbust corset, a green cotton dress, and a cream cotton point skirt. I was already wearing my black velvet choker (may it rest in peace). This was how the whole ensemble came together:

My first RenFaire outfit!

My first RenFaire outfit!

I was really happy with it! I bought the flower headband from a seller that day. I loved the corset and it is still one of the most beautiful items in my closet. There are two ways to assemble one of these outfits: around the dress’ colour, or the corset’s colour. I chose the corset first and went from there. However, I felt that in retrospect, the point skirt did not mesh well with the fancy corset. So, a few weeks later I wore it the annual Scottish Games in Costa Mesa, without the point skirt….


RenFaire outfit, without the skirt…

I think it looked better! The boots I got at DSW on clearance inbetween the Faire and the Scottish Games. This day I also picked up handmade leather pouch (pictured) and a few pieces of jewellery: a brass pendant of Mjolnir (Thor’s Hammer) and a gold-plated “slave chain” with the “Tree of Life”/Yggdrasil, which was a nice touch. Neither of those are in this picture….

But I still wanted another piece: a cape 🙂 Come ’round to last year’s Faire, I stopped by the booth again and discovered a sidebooth that sold coats, capes, and hats. I was in luck! So I found this positively beautiful black lace hooded cape, along with a wine-coloured crop top that fits under the corset for a nice colour contrast.


My 2016 RenFaire outfit.

This time, I wore the slave chain but not the necklace! So this is the current state of my “fancy” RenFaire outfit. I also have a Peruvian-made white peasant blouse that is not flattering but should work with a corset and skirt. I looked around last year for a corset but no dice, so I will look again this year. I am tempted to change up either the corset (maybe an overbust?) or the dress, but not sure…

Capable from Mad Max Fury Road [WIP]

Capable from 2015 Mad Max: Fury Road

Capable from 2015 Mad Max: Fury Road, portrayed by Riley Keough.

Master post for Capable from Mad Max: Fury Road. I debuted this costume in June 2016 at a local cosplay event. Beyond a basic physical resemblance, I chose Capable largely because her character balanced needing to take charge as Furiosa’s second-hand-woman and her empathy for the other characters. Her outfit is just cool, too.

  • Bottom
  • Shawl [WIP]
  • Wrap top
  • Skirt
  • Boots
  • Leather cuff
  • Goggles
  • Wig/Hair [WIP]

Karol’s page on the Five Wives was very useful in the beginning but I needed more. I scoured Google, Pinterest, and screenshot galleries for months while planning and working on it. Interestingly, I found it useful to compare my vision to other Capables.

All in all it cost me about $155. I will have construction info on each page. The fabrics are too clean but overall I was happy with how it turned out.

New directions!

I have not used this website much beyond my personal style diary in posts that perpetually stay in the “drafts” folder, and I feel that blogs should have a purpose… so I am moving in a direction!

I have been passionate about costume (especially film) for many years and over the years I have attempted and even completed a few costumes myself. I want a platform to help others create costumes. Together with my husband-as-of-July-2017 (who IMO bears a resemblance to a certain Oscar Isaac), future posts will be documentation of my endeavours for both of us.

I strive for a 80/20 ratio of screen-accurate/practicality. Characters often have signature pieces that must be accurate – everything else can be less accurate.

I think the blog’s title fits better, anyway 😛 Stay tuned!!