Anachronistic Robot

Writing and escapism rolled into a chewy umami bar


Hello, I am Jordan W. and this is my personal blog, where I post a mix of opinion on relevant topics and personal essays. I am a web-designer and blogger of old, so I felt Facebook didn’t really give me the room I needed to blog well. I may post haiku poetry and creative writing as well.

I have a master’s degree in science and enjoy writing on both career-related and non-career-related topics. I enjoy writing opinion pieces on pop culture, especially Star Wars.

My interests include creative and non-creative writing, dancing, writing poetry, Japanese culture and history, my experiences in academia, issues that women face in the workplace, conservation, scientific outreach, the intersection between faith and science, and comparing historical and modern Christianity.

If you would like to read my poetry or view my graphic design, please visit my deviantART profile.

As a creative writer I am working on a handful of novellas and short stories at any given time. I am intersted in beta-reading internet strangers’ manuscripts for a very modest fee.

I am also a blogger and freelance writer for hire. I have an eye for artistic flow and detail, and will read your creative work and help brainstorm with you through walls and problems. If you are interested in hiring me, please contact me via the form below or contact me via Upwork and I will get back to you as soon as possible.


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