Looking totally casual...

Looking totally casual…

I’m Jordan, a twenty-something college geology student. I enjoy taking time everyday to look my very best. First impressions are the only impressions you get to make (with a few exceptions), and you never know when your most important first impression will come along.

My mission is, put simply, to help you look your very best as well. I don’t tell you what to do – but instead I share my own techniques, attitudes, and procedures that I have found work for me, so that you can incorporate my techniques into your own life. I am honest and outspoken in my offline life about trends, fashion, and the current state of style.

Beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder, and you do not have to be beautiful or model-thin to look your best – it requires effort, practice, and time dedicated to learning what flatters you and maximising your potential every day.

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