Hello, I am Jordan! I am a novice craftswoman and hairstylist and this website will document my costume-making journeys while learning new skills and hopefully making the world of costumes more accessible.

Costumes require a lot of time, some money, and infinite effort to complete! I kknow that sounds depressing but I like the quote that goes, “you can make a costume quickly, cheaply, or accurately – pick two.” My philoshopy is 80/20 in regards to screen accuracy: I won’t shell out $100 for a pair of Rey boots unless I really can’t craft a cheap dupe myself. The fun of costuming gets lost in the fog of money and extreme accuracy and I think it shuts a lot of people out. I know I am turned off by the expensive drive for perfection.

I like my costumes to be a bit individualistic… and not to cost an arm and a leg. I don’t strive to be approved by the Rebel Legion, or to be one in a sea of clones.

My art interests include science fiction, ancient Egypt and Rome, feudal Japan, medieval England and more science fiction. Some of my project include:

  • Princess Leia’s Alderaan gown *
  • Capable from Mad Max: Fury Road *
  • Maruader Chick from The Road Warrior
  • Han Solo *
  • Aragorn
  • Generic Rennaisance Lady *
  • Rennaisance bar maid
  • Rey from Star Wars: The Force Awakens
  • Poe Dameron from Star Wars: The Force Awakens

* = completed project (either functionally completed or fully completed)


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