Rey Updates (miracles happen!)

Updates from the costuming front: 1) I have located some suitable cotton gauze, 2) I got hold of some drapey pants and 3) I acquired a great shirt for Rey. More details below.

First, the gauze. So some weeks ago I was poking around online for natural cotton gauze and was on Amazon, which is the last place I would think to look for bulk fabrics. I located this fabric: Cotton Gauze Tan Cream Natural Fabric by the Yard, and I was encouraged by the look and price but sold when I read reviews stating that it was good fabric for a Rey costume (!!!). So, I bought 5 yards (based on guides I saw online)! It is a bit light and warm in colour for my purposes, and will need to be dyed slightly. I may actually have enough to make both her SA wrap dress and the shawl top from her concept art. We’ll see!

I picked up some drapey pants from Old Navy which I think will work fine!

Third, after looking in thrift stores and other places for a suitable shirt, I stumbled upon an Eddie Bauer shirt on Amazon in the right-ish colour and has a split neck. It also is long enough and has the right fit I am after (I am bustier than Daisy). I got a large and as a typical size 8, it fit perfectly. I ordered two so that I can add sleeves in a matching fabric. I’m very excited!

On the topic of Rey and Poe, I love their new costumes for The Last Jedi and am tempted to attempt those as the hubby and I are both winters and these warm and desert tones really wash us out! 😛 Also, a few of Rey’s things overlap enough that I wouldn’t need to remake them.

Life update: defended thesis; got married; settling into new place. Currently fighting a nasty cold. realizing I don’t have much time to get our costumes together!


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