Start your story with a pitch

Start your next story with a pitch to direct your creativity.


Writing Prompts: Finish the Conflict

A batch of unfinished writing prompts for you to play with.

The Last Jedi’s dishwater morality

The Last Jedi's morality is not so much grey as it is amoral.

Exploring cultures in fiction

Representing cultures in fiction is a hot topic of debate and there is no single-best answer. I offer some of my thoughts.

On Crappy First Drafts

A first draft can't help but be crappy... or can it? My take on why this ubiquitous advice doesn't apply to everyone, and especially me.

Weird Writing: Wonder Woman was awful

Wonder Woman looks amazing on the surface, but has some serious underlying writing issues.

February 2018 writing updates

February updates from the field: contests, detangling, and daily deviations, oh my!

My writing tools

In a Scrivener world, one woman uses a myriad of programs... and likes it...

Is killing lots of characters realistic — or lazy?

Is killing lots of characters an example of gripping, realistic storytelling? Or has inner growth been replaced with high death tolls?

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